Hi Pearl!


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Hi Drummers
Just finished a weeks worth of studio work with a band called Twofers. They are a Deep Purple tribute band.
When the work was finished they gave me a Pearl Sensitone Phosphor Bronze 14"x6.5" snare drum as a gift of thanks.
I am delighted and very touched by this gesture.
Oh, and the drums not bad either!



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We're they recording Deep Purple covers? Seems strange, unless it is for a promo pack to get live gigs. A whole week to record covers for a demo sounds excessive and expensive. I love Deep Purple, so if I was on the kit, I would not complain a bit.


"Uncle Larry"
I have the same snare and it's on par with my BB. It's a little more lively than the BB. Great snare.


"Uncle Larry"
Hi Paul!

Very generous of the guys. I put a die cast on mine, it gives it more balls IMO.

What a great deal for 289. Why they stopped making this drum I haven't the faintest. I don't care for the tone of Pearl toms, but I do enjoy their snares quite a bit.