Hi, I'm JimmyK, drummer of HOODIE ALLEN. I'm posting new drum covers!


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Hey all! I always lurk these forums but haven't posted any drumming content in forever! I used to make a lot of drum covers and drum solo videos YEARS ago, but I neglected my channel completely hahaha. Welp, I'm gunna give these inactive and ancient subscribers all the content their heart desires in the next few years! Thanks for checkin it out. This is "Love Me Less" by MAX and QUINN XCII



also, I have a ton more videos on my youtube channel

and instructional drumming books and stuff for sale in my merch store!

I'm always down to talk drums with any of you! Thanks again



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Same here.

Here's a request for one of your stellar solos.

I love your solos.
thanks larry! I think I will post a lot of new solo stuff. I just got a yamaha EAD10, and it's making recording/practicing like 100x more fun