Hi Hats with greatest crispest "bark" possible?


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Can you help me find the easiest clean tsssssup sound, like suction?

My question isn't about technique but about cymbals and how to find the cymbals that prioritize the bark. I already know I can practice more. In my experience so far, only having played A Custom Masters and Byzance Dark, which both seem very heavy cymbals, I'm wondering if lighter, thinner is better. As for diameter can't go below 13" I think, but genre considerations aren't too important. I want the tsssup as easy and fast as possible (stands and technique being a separate questions)

Willing to buy new and premium if I can get that.

Thanks for thinking about my gear question here!


I haven’t played a whole lot of hihats, but 13” A Custom Mastersounds came to mind. The pair I have is 822g/1000g, so that’s not too heavy.


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Thanks -- I have 13" A Custom Masters now. I'm wondering if there is something better, or at least want to see from the lore whether there aren't hats that are specifically best for that. I imagine that there are.


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The paiste website has samples of all of their cymbals being played and if you chose the “pattern” sample it generally includes a bark. Even if you don’t choose Paistes it would give you an idea of weights etc.


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Can you help me find the easiest clean tsssssup sound, like suction?

I want the tsssup as easy and fast as possible (stands and technique being a separate questions)
I use Zildjian K 13" for hi hats, but their sound is more tzzzip than tsssup, but I'm not sure anyone other than you would notice. I also at one time used 14" Zildjian Quick Beats but their sound was more tszszap which might be confused with tssszspt although again I'm not sure anyone but you would notice. You might go with NouveauCliche's advice above. 13" Quick Beats are awesome. They will probably give you the tsssssup sound you're after but with a little less ss.


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I've heard that holes help with it being a bit faster. I might like the "signature fast hats" I've seen on youtube.
I should mention I've watched and continue to listen to hours and hours of sound samples. Now I'm looking for peoples' opinions and especially if there is some "common knowledge" out there that this or that cymbal is tight and fast with the bark.


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I play a pair of 14" Paiste RUDE hats, and you'd think they'd be thick and clanky, but they are suuuuper crispy. I love them.
I have some old Zildjian Impulse hats that are very similar to the Paiste Rude series that have plenty of "bark" to them. I have them set aside now for my remote hat that will eventually work it's way back into my kit.
Like acsunda said, they don't sound as clanky as one would expect. They were my only hats for most of my gigging/touring days.


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Try the Hollow Ink Logo ('78 to '82 era) Zildjian new beats. Mine are 956 grams top over 1402 grams bottom. The heavy bottom with light top give them a great bark. Better than my 14" A Custom Mastersounds (1113g/1232g), and 60's Paper thin New Beats in 14" (806g/845g) and 15" (849g/865g).


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I have two pairs of Zildjian K/Z that sound great. They are really crisp. I also have an A Custom/Z that I find interesting although I don’t play it often.


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Crispest and barkiest I ever played was some Paiste Dark Energies. But I’ve had great results also from “traditional style” hats, of any brand, with a thin top and a heavy bottom. And I do like vent holes in the bottom.