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Hi all,

Firstly, I'm a very new drummer and new here, only been playing about 6 months! Wish I'd been playing a lot longer as I love playing them to be honest. I wanted to pick folk's brains who have a lot more knowledge than I do on this one.

I'm currently using a set of Zildjian Planet Z Performance cymbals on a 2nd hand Pearl kit. Not the best kit I know but didn't want to spend lots initially till I worked out if I was going to stick with drumming. The issue I have is the current Hi Hat stand (discontinued Pearl H790) just sounds awful on foot hi hats. It's incredibly squeaky and annoys me like crazy. When you release the foot pedal the stand makes a horrible knocking sound every time it returns to the fully open position.

Also, the top hi hat isn't held even remotely parallel to the bottom one, maybe 5-10 degrees off. Again is this a problem that may affect the sound? I'm open to any options to get my foot hi hats sounding a bit better really.

Question is, is this normal or just a result of using an entry level high hat stand? I'm open to getting a better stand if there isn't an obvious fix as it's driving me a bit mad!

Thanks in advance for all replies.

Jeremy Bender

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I'd recommend watching this video first, follow what Steve teaches and consider his suggestions.
If this doesn't work for you after making adjustments to the clutch and felt, try adjusting the tilter screw.

Myself I'm happy with the Yamaha 850 hi hat stand.

Happy drumming to you and best of luck in the New year.
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