Hi Hat Stand is too high for my roland td-25


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I Bought a Roland TD-25 kit about a year ago and its really been great. However i noticed that my arms go up way too high when playing the hi hat and they often get tired. Since the hi hat has a sensor on the bottom to initiate the closed sound it adds about 3-4 inches to the actual hi hat, and i cant just remove it because ill never be able to play my hat closed. is there a way to shorten my hi hat below the lowest point or does anyone have any tips. thanks =) (hi hat is an iron cobra 200)


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How tall are you?

Look at the hi hat tubing for the stand and see if you can cut it down.
I'm 6'4" and if I put my hi hat to its lowest setting it's down by my knees.
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what do you mean?
Sorry, I wasn't paying attention and quoted the wrong person!

@SusDrummer - can you not raise up the stool and the rest of the TD-25. I appreciate depends on your legs and whatnot, but if one thing is too high and can't go down, the first thing that comes to mind is to put everything else up....