Hi-Hat Stand and Practice Pad

double bass man

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a) Is a second hand Hi-Hat stand and pedal a good buy?--due to the previous owners 'wear & tear'? Or to buy new? If buying new any good make you would recommend? Say between £50 to £100? I play small jazz combo style--no intentions of playing heavy metal etc!

b) Practice Pad. Anybody tried the Sabian 10" Quiet Tone Classic Practice Pad SABQT-10SD? Do you likeit?

Your advice welcome. Thanks
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Odd-Arne Oseberg

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a) Unless it's ben really abused it shouldn't really matter. If that's your budget I'd definetly go second hand. You'll get much more for your money.

b) Pads are a personal preference thing and it depends a bit on your use, if it you want something that feels close to a snare or not, and also how much volume you want and/or your surroundings can tolerate. I have whole bunch, but my favourites are a bit pricey. If you're new to drums any sort of pad will do the trick until you know what you want. If you want really quiet, get a rubber pad.