Hi-hat sizes? Sabian X-plosion Hats


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Hey everybody,

It looks like I'm going to be getting Sabian AAX X-plosion Hats, so I need to pick a size.

What are your thoughts on 14" vs 16"?

I've only ever played 13-14" hats and already have a couple so I'm leaning towards the 16" but I want something that's going to remain versatile. My main concern is the 16" being too loud, and gradually big hi-hats might go out of style.

So, what are your opinions? I've never heard these hats and none of the stores around me have any.

Also, I'm trying to decide between getting the 8" or 10" Air Splash. Has anyone gotten a chance to play these? I usually use a 8" Zildjian A splash.


Terrence R

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I guess it comes down to what sound you're looking for. The 16" will have a really nice slightly open to full open slosh. A bit of a sizzle. They may not be the best closed tight though, but also not the worse. The 14" would definitely more versatile. Is there any chance u could try both sizes out b4 purchasing?

I would aim at the 16" because of my current style of hard rock and metal, especially cause I already have a good pair of 14" hats that I could jump back and forth to. If u already have your 14" hats, then I say go for the 16". I'm sure you'll be more than happy with them.


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Yeah, Terrance. I'm definitly leaning towards the 16 inchers. I already have some nice 14s, and I figure I really have nothing to lose.

I like the 16s I hear on mycymbal.com but I'm still a little worried that I actually won't like playing on them. Also, like I said before, I have a feeling the big hi-hats and cymbals fad is going to start fading in a couple years.

That beginning said, I do have a 24" ride on the way, so I figure the 16" hi-hats will seem in proportion.

Anyone have any experience with the X-plosion hihats? 14 or 16" ?