Hi Hat Rod

Alright, this is a really petty thing, but something I've been curious about for a few years and what better venue to ask then a message board of drummers. Every "Pro" drummer I see (I'll admit I mostly listen to punk, ska, metal, etc) has a hi hat rod that extends only about an inch or two beyond the top of the clutch.

Every hi hat stand/rod I've ever played with has a rod that extends about a foot higher than the top of the clutch. I play an Iron Cobra two-legged hi hat stand bought in 2008.

Are the pros just playing with their hi hat stands really high? I play with my stuff relatively low, I admit that. If I raised my hats to the point they have them it would be like 4 feet high probably...

Certainly isn't a problem, just a weird thing that I've noticed. Any one have insight to this? How far do yours extend past the top of your clutch?


I play mine really high. So I have maybe less than an inch sticking out. I have the same hi-hat stand as you btw. I've read on here before that some people order shorter HH rods and some people just cut the excess off with a saw.

Hissig Gompen

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The other day I cut off ~10cm of my rod (the hi-hat rod, my personal rod needs every cm it's got!) because I kept hitting it with my hand. Now it extends just past the drop clutch lever. I'll take some pics when I've been at the rehearsal space later this week.


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I've cut every hi-hat rod I've ever owned off. Makes no sense to me to have 12"-18" of rod sticking up off the hats. I'd much rather have a splash or small china utilizing that space...



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I don't cut it, just in case I decide I'd like to try them at a different height. Also I play 18" hats, which are obviously heavier, so I have to give them a little more space on the rod than more conventional hats. I've also attached a woodblock to the section that extends above the top hat. I make good use of the space I guess haha


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My hi-hat stand DW 5000 series came with 2 rods. one short that sticks up about an inch or so above and another longer that has about a foot above. I'm sure what you're seeing is just the difference between these two rod sizes.


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Also, I believe the longer rod that sticks up a foot higher is meant to allow for you to attach things like a tambourine to it.


I have a DW 9000 hi hat stand and it also comes with 2 rods, a longer one and a shorter one.


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I cut mine down...left enough room for me to alter it a bit or even to attach an accessory up there, though I rarely do, but I got rid of more than a foot of it.