Hi-Hat Placement


My remote speedy hat arrives tomorrow! I don't think I've ever been so excited about receiving a new piece of drum gear... I've spent too much time this last week just staring at my kit and trying to picture the new set up,... I even started altering some of my playing like using the rim of small tom trying to feel what its going to feel like having my hats in that position and imagining a drum where my current hats reside... So excited about the new creative possibilities! Looking forward to playing with your product bill!


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Hence, the thread looking for other options. :) What would you suggest?
I play open, left hand hats and ride. I have since I started playing in 1983 and I know of no other way to play.

I would suggest moving the hats all the way over to the right. Instead of the 10 o'clock position, put them at 2 o'clock.


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THC - Can i ask what your shell sizes are? Could you try them mounted over the kick again? I'm a very tall guy (6'3" or so), but I sit at a medium height. I not too long ago started mounting my 2 rack toms back on the kick drum and have found it a hell of a lot easier to get around the set. Don't get me wrong, when I was rocking 2 kicks and my hats were way out, I could play all the same stuff, but a lot of this kind of issue vanished when I went back to mounting on the kick.

With the toms back there it takes restrictions away on the distance between kick pedal and hi-hat pedals. This makes me able to bring my hats more in front of me, as opposed to off the side (riding my shoulder line, as it were).

With the hats out of the side, it's not an issue playing normally, until you play both hands on it and you get second floor tom syndrome - twisting and/or unnatural arm positioning.

It would also get your left hand a little out of the shadow of your right.
10/12/14/16 The snare pictured is a 13

Sometimes the most obvious solution turns out to be the best one. :)

"Put it back the way it's supposed to be"

I took your advice Net and put the toms back on the kick drum to see how it felt.

Spent the afternoon doing a complete teardown and rebuild.

Now it's great and I can play it no problem at all. I also agree that it's a little easier to get around the kit with it this way. A year ago, it felt totally different and I had to really reach out there to get to the toms. So what's changed?

My posture, for one thing. I wasn't taking lessons yet at that time, and for the first dozen or so lessons, my teacher kept hounding me on my posture. Said I had the "Buddy Rich slouch"
Now that I finally sit up straight, reaching those toms isn't so difficult.

I'm also transitioning from a 100% heel down technique, and starting to play heel up more. This let me bring everything a couple inches closer also.

I was able to bring the hats around to a much more comfortable position.

Thanks for all the feedback :)



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Consider trying a remote HH placed directly away from you on the far side of the snare...fit the toms around as desired.

I attach mine directly to my snare stand.

I believe there is a thread roaming around on setting up this way...forget the title of it...

I never cross my arms unless I want to.


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I like mine as close to my 8" as poss, about 6-8" above my snare so that i don't get my wrists all crossed up and still have enough lift for powerful snare strokes.

Like so;


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That looks good THC- my hats are even closer to my snare than yours and I really like them that way (I am 6' 3" also).

Easy to try them in different spots so keep trying different things.

If you are game, I would suggest moving your largest FT to the L side of the hats and play for a couple songs. I did this with mine and it has changed everything for me. Do it and try a two handed 16th note groove with accents on the floor...

You might like it.