hi hat jingles/ Jewellery - Hiatus Kaiyote


Hi guys,
been watching this Live clip of Hiatus Kaiyote, totally immersed in the drummers playing and the little things he has sitting on top of his hi hat and stack- can't figure out if it is just jewellery he bought somewhere or a product I can find and buy somewhere. I have tried a few search terms through google but cant seem to find them.

Anyone have an idea what they may be called?

also a fantastic gig to watch if you want to see some amazing groovy Australian musicians



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Not sure of the specific accessories. They look like 'waterfall' percussion effects.

Edit: Did some searching, and found this on the meinl website. It is not exactly what their drummer is using, but similar.

Link here: http://meinlpercussion.com/products/Product/show/1055/1098/1052/

This video by Meinl says they are based on African pod rattles. I googled the term and got lots of images much closer to what is being used by Hitaus Kaiyote's drummer.

Awesome grooves. Great start to my Sunday morning!
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LOL was listening to their new album today and just thought I might start a thread about how awesome their drummer grooves, only to find out you just made one! It is just ridiculous how good his feel is and Im sure you would all appreciate his playing. Here is a clip that I love, the drum and bass groove around the 4:00 mark is insane


Also unfortunately cant help you with those jingle thingies.