hi hat dis-assembly


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I used to when I carried all the hardware in one case. Now the hi-hat stand just goes in the car in one piece.
Me too. I don't have cases for anything but the snare & my cymbals, so I have a very useful system for transporting in my CX7- floor tom upside down, rack tom on top with protector in between in the rear passenger seat (with seatbelt around), cymbal bag & snare in rear driver seat, stands in the footspace, kick in drivers' side trunk (with a sheet over it), hi-hat stands, throne, pedals, etc. in the passenger side trunk. I put the throne seat between the kick and the other stuff back there so nothing will slide into it.


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Ditto for me. I unscrew the rod off, drop in in the bottom half of the hi hat, and position the top tube up so it encloses the rod to protect it from getting bent.

The real question is....where do you keep your hi hat clutch? Mine goes in my Zildjain cymbal carying case.
Same here. My gig case is only a little under 3 feet long so I have to break down the hi-hat stand. Actually, I don't put the top tube back on; I have a memory lock on my hi-hat stand.

My hi-hat clutch always goes in my cymbal bag. I also have a back-up clutch in my stick bag.


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I heard a story once from musician friend. He knew of a drummer who had a big chevy van. He had so much space all to himself, he would never take apart anything! Cymbals on stands left spread open, snare on stand, bass drum with pedal connected, etc... jeesh! He would just bungee cord each part to a handle or hook inside the van. I bet he had the fastest setup ever, but still.. that's crazy!

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Hi hat stands are a pain in the arse. You either have this inconvenient long thing and fiddly breakdown and set up.

I have not broken down a hat stand since 1975 but I'm no example for anyone :)


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with the exception of the remote hihat stand, I often wondered why of all the drum hardware, nobody has really innovated the hihat stand to break down more easily..., somehow.

some nifty widget that uncouples the spring mechanism from the pull rod, all in one go, to break this down to half its size. the pull rod and its housing tube could be somehow all in one.

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I break my DW9000 down so that I can put it in my SKB Medium hardware case. I take the hats off, put the clutch and large T-handled drum key in my stick bag. I pull the top tube, unscrew the rod, turn it upside down and reinsert the rod back into the top of the top tube, and place it in the case. Then I have to unscrew the mini-tension screws to fold the pedal up, and remember to finger-tighten the tension screws back so that they don't fall out.

Looking at the Tama Iron Cobra HH stand, it seems to be a slightly friendlier design because you can just fold up the pedal portion and be good to go. Anything that saves time is a good thing in order to speed up set-up and break-down times between bands.

I would probably just get the Iron Cobra if I had to replace my HH stand. I would also consider getting a hardware case that lets me leave the stands at the set-up height.


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I just carry it as a long piece. I don't even put in the hardware bag. Its the only piece of hardware not in the case!!!!