Hi-Hat advice

The Noof

Junior Member
Not sure which on I like best. I just acquired both recently. I haven't played with either that much. The Pearl looks a little better, the Tama has a little more wear. Maybe I keep both for awhile and see which one rises to the top. Has anybody had a good or bad experience with either?


dat yeti

Senior Member
Hi hat stands are one of those things that don't matter as much as the other gear unless you need a shorter rod, or have space concerns. Look into how much each costs used and new and try them out in as many ways as you normally would then decide.

Bo Eder

Platinum Member
Stop contemplating and keep them both. They're both good and solid, and it being something getting stomped on regularly, you will eventually need another one. So store one until you need it. Besides, you may, like many of us here, start to build another set that you can either leave at a rehearsal space, or is all packed up ready to go whenever you get a gig. Look towards the future.