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Just introducing myself to the forum. I run a rehearsal studio here in Cheshire (in the UK). We have a couple of rehearsal kits and also a nice Ludwig kit (1965) that my son uses for his professional work.

I'm going to try and add a couple of pictures of our rehearsal spaces below! Here's the larger studio with a Premier Garrista kit:

And here's the smaller one with a newer Ludwig kit:

Looking forward to contributing the forum as and when. Thanks,



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Nice studio. Is that a good business to have?
Well, where I live the fees from the rehearsal studios cover the rent/utilities but don't make a huge profit. We also use the space for teaching the piano/keys, drums and guitar. That keeps us busy three evenings from 4 - 7 and also Saturday am.

However, the main business is an education sales business and the studio also serves as a business address for that. Our business is called UCan Play and you'll find our website online if you want to find out more. We are not-for-profit company here in the UK and we work with all all the major brands helping them sell their equipment into the education sector.


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Welcome to the Family brother.
I dig your studio. Very very nice.
Looking forward to reading your future posts.
Thanks! It has taken us a few years to build up but we really like the old mill building we are in. It is 200 years old! We also have a load of quirky artwork in the place which adds to the vibe! Here are a few more pictures for you:

We are big fans of David Bowie and this bit of graffiti art was hung over the V&A in London for the retrospective of his work a few years ago. We got it off the original owner who was emigrating and couldn't take it with him to Oz!

We are also Star Wars fans and have a load of vintage art work by Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston sourced from various online forms over the years.

And the smaller studio: