Hi all - new to the forum.


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Just to say a quick hello and wish you all well in learning, gigging, business ventures and all else.

PS. Where you all from? Glasgow UK at this end. How many cities can we get replies from?

Yours in rhythm.


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Welcome! There are drummers (and some non-drummers) from around the world here, I'm in Los Angeles!


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Welcome to the forum. I drove through Glascow at night once, and somehow missed the turnoff to the big bridge. Had a brief tour of the town centre instead. Would love to visit properly one day.

Old Dog new Cans

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Glasgow! I've never been to Scotland or Ireland. Sure would like to visit someday.

I'm from Indiana, welcome. Everyone is really cool here. Helpful. The site has a huge amount of information if you're willing to search. I'm learning a lot, and I call myself an Old Dog.