HHX Evolution score


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I search Craigslist all day every day looking for a deal and although I've been lucky in the past, I haven't bought anything in probably over a year.

Today I was lucky enough to score some Sabian HHX Evolutions that this guy had and wanted to sell quickly.

10" splash $50
16" crash $100
18" crash $140

All are in great condition, no cracks or key holes..just finger and stick marks. I was so excited I figured I'd share!


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That is very fortunate!

I have the 16" crash now, had the 18" crash (and ride and 14" hats), and need all three splashes & the china. They're some of my favorites from Sabian... I like the 16" crash more than the 18", actually. It's just right, pitch-wise, and I can do pretty much anything I want with it given its very expressive & thin qualities.

Great score.


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They are awesome, I'm just afraid I'm gonna break them cause they are so thin. Oh well they were made to be hit.


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As long as you play with correct technique (don't aim for the center, keep the angle between your stick and the cymbal as small as possible, glance/pull back after striking), you'll be fine. I haven't cracked any of them in the (collective) year's time I've had them.


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Love my evos as well as my regular hhx cymbals. Great score. I just paid 195 for my used 18 evo crash and I thought that was a great deal.

mike d

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I'm pretty much all evo except my HH Leopard ride and I bought an AAX Xplosion 18" crash. I could never make the AAX mix well (a little too much sustain, just a different sound - good, but too different). I replaced it with an HHX evo 18" and I could not be happier. So my mix now is:
14" HHX Evo Hats
12" HHX Evo Splash (love this thing)
16" HHX Evo Crash
18" HHX Evo Crash
18" HHX Evo O-zone crash
20" HHX Evo Ride (works great as a crash/ride)
20" HH Leopard ride (my go to ride - just a huge palette of tasty sounds with huge, unique, well defined ping)
I am super happy with the sound I'm getting, but I think I paid little more than you did. ;)
You got major steal on some fine brass!


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yup, I love them too. I'm running 14" evo hats, 16", 17" 18" crashes,and the 18" evo O-zone crash too. My ride, I use the 21" HH Raw bell dry ride. I haven't had a chance to try out an Evo ride. Such beautiful cymbals. I feel like I just have to tickle them and I get that full crash sound out of them. I'm stunned at how thin the metal on them is too.

I'm just having trouble cleaning the finger print marks off of them. Tried Groove juice, but it doesn't do much for me. It takes stick marks off, but doesn't get the fingerprints out of them.

To the OP, great pickup. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.