Hey Everyone


My name is John. I'm 29. I've been playing drums since I was 14 with a bit of a gap for a couple of years. Basically 15 years now.

I'm a jazz performance major at UIUC but I play everything. I have the most experience with Metal, Funk, Jazz, and Rock. I've played everything from roller rink floors and dive bars, to giant arena stages and festivals. I've had very fulfilling gigs at both ends of the spectrum.

I love the way everything feels when I'm playing music and can't imagine doing anything else. (Though I tried for a couple years).

I'll eventually put some stuff up that I'm happy with. Trying to get better about having an online presence.

Here are some drummers I dig.

Tony Williams
Elvin Jones
Roy Haynes
Eric Harland
Marcus Gilmore
Justin Brown
Chris Dave
Chris Coleman
Aaron Spears
Brian Blade
Antonio Sanchez
Carter Mclean
Zigaboo Modeliste
Clyde Stubblefield
Jon Bonham
David Garibaldi
Dave Weckl
Steve Gadd
Brann Dailor
Matt Garstka
Mike Portnoy
Thomas Haake
Mario Duplantier
And a bunch of other people...

Nice to meet you all!
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