Hey all, quick favor!


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Hey everyone, I'm not entirely sure where to post this (not exactly "Your Playing" or "Off Topic")

My band Rocket Rocket is being played on local radio here in Boston and we're also on the new local music poll for this week. If you would be so kind and if you have 15 seconds, you can cast a vote for our song "Enemy"! The webpage is found here http://wzlx.radio.com/2010/11/05/boston-emissions-nov-7-with-bang-camaro/

You can listen to the song and others @ http://rocketrocket.bandcamp.com

Let me know if it's okay to post this! Thanks everyone!!
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Done! Plus, I really like your stuff, even though it's not my usual menu. Would like to hear your band with a pro production behind it. Really interesting vibe!