Hey all, new guy with a question!


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Hey everyone!

My name's Bart, 21 years old, and decided to register because figuring everything out on yourself get's hard and I'm too poor for drum lessons haha!

I'm self taught and mostly play (prog) Metal (hope that's not frowned upon haha, I know it can be in certain communities!).

Also I'm not a guy who's into the metal bands who just get off playing fast, and recently I've been diving more into jazz and fusion, and I must say I'm baffled by the drums there.

Because I'm self taught my theory is a little on the bad side, but I'm working on it.
I was wondering is someone could explain what exactly this guy is doing here:


from what I understand in the description he's playing groups of 5 and 3 between the kick, snare and hihatpedal. While maintaining a straight 8 note pulse on the ride.
However I'm not sure how the interpret this at all. It's very hard to hear.
I'm not hearing quintuplets or triplets, and I'm unable to write it down in guitar pro.
Can someone help me out?

Thanks! and I'll see all of you around!