Hes playing with who?


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Ever talk with a drummer at a club..etc..that eventually ended up with a big name artist?. I talked with Randy Castillo at a local club a couple times when he was touring the Midwest. Many years later he ends up with Ozzy Osborne. I remember talking with Mark Cranny at a local club only to realize that he was playing with Jethro Tull many years later. All of this gave me the feeling that if I applied myself doors could open....maybe.


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I knew a guy (drummer) for a long time, Phil "Philo" Buerstatte, who played in a local band (Last Crack)...eventually played for White Zombie.


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The number of drummers I met, got to know or at least had a brief interaction with before they were "well known" or "got a name gig" is quite long.