herta/32nd note/flam/ 16th tom fills


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Hey! I'm new here so sorry in advance if im posting this someplace worg or something.

I've recently been thinking a lot about those long 16th note tom fills where suddenly there is some extra hits coming in and adding some awsome spice to the sound. How do i learn to do them?

so what I'm aiming to do is basically this:
(at 2.27)
im sure there is better examples out there but you get what im meaning.

So I have been talking to some drummer friends and they say give a bit different answers. And i guess it is different depending on the songs or the sound you want or who the drummer is you are trying to copy. So I have some theorys and i want to hear what your takes are on the issue:

2 hertas + 2 16th notes or 4 hertas + 4 16th notes. Like this but faster and over the toms.

Someone told me to play: 1 flam (R+L equally hard) + 2 16th notes (R+L). do that two times + 2 extra 16th notes (R+L) = equal time as 8 16th notes.
sounds pretty similar to 2 hertas + 2 16th notes.
(i guess this is swiss army triplets but messing up the order of the hands being R-L-R-L instead of R-L-L-R)

Rough Triplets:
After watching this video i got the idea that maybe the trick is if you play 4 32nd notes, be quiet 2 32nd notes, play 4 32nd notes, be quiet 2 32nd notes and play 2 16th notes (equal time as 2 hertas + 2 16th notes).

So what are your thougts on the issue? Im sure that if you play it fast and sloppy all these versions would sound the same :) but i want to know how i should practice it.
and also i guess that maybe some version is preferred depending on if the tempo is very fast or not.

Does anyone have good note sheets to share on this? excercises? give me all thoughts and info you got!
cheers! :)