Here's something I've never done


"Uncle Larry"
Played a cross stick, on the snare as usual, only with my right (strong) hand. I mean I do incorporate some open handed playing into my sticking. The offbeat left hand on the hi hat always sounds interesting to me, but I never thought to do this, the cross stick thing, with my dominant hand. It doesn't really make sense for me in actual playing, I don't think right now, but it just really felt strange, which I like. I've ALWAYS without exception, played cross stick with my left/weak hand. And it surprises me that I never thought to do this after what 50 years of playing?

I stand in awe...of all that hasn't occurred to me.


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I can't hardly play cross stick with my dominant hand. I do play open-handed some. Same with the hi hat foot. I play double bass a lot, but I can't hardly use the high hat with my dominant foot.


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I don't play open-handed much at all, and the thought of playing cross stick with my right hand is making my head hurt just sitting here thinking about it! :ROFLMAO:

More power to you sir! Just know that you weren't alone in not having done that before... :)