Here's a great way to boost your weaker hand:


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Developing French grip with the weaker hand! The main difference between people's strong and weak hand is almost always a matter of finger control, so developing French grip (which is the best grip for finger control) on the weak hand sets you up for success. Even if you never directly use it, it does wonders for developing the fulcrum/finger control ability that make your "strong" hand the strong hand.

(Practicing 10 times more with the weaker hand is a decent idea, but you'll see WAY better results if you make the changes which enable it to catch up to your right hand. Otherwise you'll probably just be pushing that much harder against the brick wall.)

Here's a free-bee with my extreme method to isolate and build it from scratch:


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Good exercises. Will be doing that everyday. Another thing I do in my "off time" is ride my hi hat and cymbal with left hand. Not only builds strength but makes you think about how to start your fills and where to end up. For me it's backwards drumming, but sure does help.


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Good stuff Bill. I remember learning french grip from Scooter Wooten (1980s Phantom) back in the day and you're right, the facility you develop makes you better at all grips.


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Great stuff, shockingly effective exercises.
Been using right from the start, still loving it!


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Great stuff Bill. Just been playing around with this on the pad for the last 15 mins or so. Amazing too see the shameful lack of control my left hand has with respect to the "crazy, backward" finger exercise. It's gonna take a real effort to get rid of the slice you speak of and have the fingers controlling the stick on the correct plane. I can definitely see the potential for huge benefits for finger strength and control on the non-dominant hand outta this one drill alone.

Great stuff, shockingly effective exercises.

And how!!

Good to see you mate. It's been a while.


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Thanks for sharing this!
Excellent workout, I'm going to incorporate this in my daily warm-up.
My left hand felt much better just after two times of these. It felt kind of awkward in the beginning (left hand) but it soon became much easier.