Helping identifying Premier wooden snare from the 90's


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Hello drummers,
can someone help me identifying this premier snare? The badge says "made in England" and the seller told me, its from the 90's. He thought it is a XPK, but found out it isn't. Yet, he couldn't find out which series it belongs to. Anyone knows? And if: is it any good?
Thanks a lot in advance!



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Just found this:

It looks like a Premier Astria Model, only produced 1999 for one year. What u think?`Anyone know this drum and say something about how it sounds?


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The shell looks like the XPK birch-eucalyptus/birch sandwich from 97-99. But the lugs are not XPK, so I agree its probably an Astria. Sounds OK, a bit harsh perhaps, and that shell is prone to warping near the lugs.


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If that is really an Asteria (which is basically the same snare then the birch xpk) then i’d say it sounds amazing according to this video:

Any thoughts on that?