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Greetings drummers!
I've been using the Yamaha's EAD 10 module in our band to get the drums' signal and send it to to our mixing console so that it can play it through the PA speakers in our setting. Soon, our sound mixing guy tells me that all the sound that is sent to the module into the auxiliary input from the the mixing console is passing by and being sent back to the mixing console together with the drums' signal from the output of the module. So for example, instead of just receiving the drums' sound in the mixing console from the module all the other instruments are being sent as well. Is it normal for this to happen? The sound mixing guy is asking me to configure so that just the drums' signal is sent to the mixing console through its output. Bur for some reason the signal that I receive to monitor and play on top of it is sent together with the drums' signal. Is this normal to happen? Is this a default setting from the factory? I've tried to look at the manuals but couldn't find anything regarding this matter.
Would greatly appreciate any help! Thank you!
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The microphones in the EAD sensor (attached to your kick) capture the sound of the drums and send it to the EAD module for processing. Being microphones, they also capture the sound of other instruments in close proximity to the drums.

You can tweak the levels in the module a bit. However, without further steps to isolate the drums (example - plexiglass shields, more space between the drums and other instruments, etc) there will always be some bleed. You won't get a 'drums only' signal using the mic on the EAD.


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So you are sending a signal from the mixer, into the aux input of the EAD10? If so, then yes, this signal from the mixer will go to the outputs of the EAD10, along with the signals from the mics on the EAD10. The headphone output on the EAD10 should have the same blend of signals.


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Seeing brentcn's reply sent me back for re-read of your post. I think I missread the issue.

@Coxinha, it seems like you are trying to do two things at once with the EAD.
1) send the EAD mic signal to the PA.
2) hear a monitor mix of your other band mates (via the EAD Aux-in).

Is that correct?