Help with the Keith Moon left-lead-triplet thing

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Moon was certainly influenced by jazz and R&B. His fav drummers were Blaine and Krupa. Well, and he also loved The Beach Boys lol.


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More drummers ought to put on some headphones and listen to the Tommy album. Incredible drums in that. I can understand jazz guys loving Moon because that album went way off paradigm for rock.


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Only an opinion, but I think Moon was great because he had the guts to be transparent on the kit. You are hearing Ketih. You are not hearing what Keith 'thought' someone else wanted to hear....

As much as he impressed "us" I don't get the impression he was trying to impress anyone. He was having a musical conversation with the rest of the band. Acting and reacting as only he could, or would, in that situation to what the others were saying. A different drummer would not have "said" the same thing, nor in the same way.

That, to me, is what makes a musician great. They aren't trying to emulate anyone....and while Keith may have admired other drummers he wasn't trying to BE them.

We may use the same vocabularly but the inflection and the order of words is different. No two people sound exactly the same nor should they. Same with a good drummer.

Every musician has an opinion in the context of a tune. Some, like Keith, weren't or aren't afraid to speak their minds.

But let's not forget-they were also lucky enough to work in a band where they could Get away with


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Nail on the head Mongrel. Keith was enjoying himself. How many drummers can you name that look like they're actually having fun while playing?


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Triplet? Can you put up some notation to explain what it is you're hearing? All I hear is 16th note tom fills with accents on every third note, over 8th note bass drum pumping.
At it's most basic (leaving out crash and superflous kicks)
Kick and snare trip-a-let-FT Kick snare and

What are you hearing where I hear the triplet? Are you only hearing the 16th's?
Kick and snare and-a-FT Kick snare and

While I've played the straight 16th variant, I've always thought of it as a simplified version of what he's actually doing. Am I really not hearing a ruff ending on the FT on the one?