HELP with drum heads please!!


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I have a pearl export series drum set that I used to play before I bought my new set. I want to put new heads on it soon but wondered if anybody knew what would be the best heads to get the best sound out of it since it is a lower grade pearl set.


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Heavier heads seem to be more forgiving of mediocre drums/tuning- maybe Remo Emperors. Or Pinstripes, if you like that sound. Use regular medium weight uncoated heads on the bottoms- Remo Ambassadors or the equivalent by Evans or Aquarian.


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I use clear Remo Pinstripes on my late 90s Export ELX kit I gig with. They sound nice and warm with those heads. The reso heads are clear Remo Ambassadors.

On the kick I use an Evans Emad II batter and reso with a bath towel just touching the front head.......sounds good and it's not miked when I play.

I did, however, upgrade the tom mounts to some Optimounts I had laying around...helps with the resonance a lot.