help with a Sonor re-finish!

Hey there,

Okay. Here's the deal. I have a chance at buying a lovely Sonor SQ2 at a price that someone could only dream of. It's in the exact sizes I want: 13, 16, 18 toms, 14 snare, 24x18 bass drum. All medium maple shells. Stunning kit!

The reason it's so cheap is that the finish is horrible and no one will touch it.

I love Sonor drums...but some of their finishes are vomit...this happens to be one of them.

That's the only thing that's holding me back on buying it.

So I'm wondering if anyone it possible to send it back to Sonor and get them to re-do the finish. The kit has black hardware which I really like and would keep...I'm thinking a solid white with the black hardware would look great.

Would Sonor do it? If not, is there somewhere else that might?

I've never done anything like that before...I wouldn't want to ruin an SQ2!

If anyone knows anything it would really help. Also, if you have any ideas on how much it would cost to re-finish a kit that'd be great.




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To be honest I'm no expert by any means with this and someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

I have noticed a couple of kits on the forums that have been refinished simply by using a big sticker to wrap the drum. I think there was a Sonor kit on the forums very recently which the owner had wrapped in a natural wood finish sticker and it looked absolutely great....I wouldn't have known it was a sticker unless they had posted that in the forum!

Could be a possible (and quite cheap?) solution. One in plain white should be quite easy to find, and its not actually affected the finish in any way. Also if it came to it you could remove the sticker carefully to bring out the original finish again. Also being a sticker rather than a proper drum wrap, it probably wouldn't affect the tonal qualities of the drum quite as much.

In any case I've never done this before so I'm going on hear-say alone but seems quite a feasible idea!


Besides actually removing the "vomit" finish,a possibility can be a cover product such as
"Rockin Wraps" which is a kind of "spandex" material that streches over the drumshells
(after the hardware is removed),it comes in many designs and solid colors.Another possible but perminant solution is to have the drums professionially painted/stained,by a local pro painter.I had a Pearl MLX set prepped and painted by a friend who owns a custom Hot Rod shop. He used a primer base,two coats gloss black paint,and three
coats of a custom clearcoat. The paintwork had no effect on the drumsound,and the
finish was incredible.But as I stated earlier once its done,its done! The previous post may
be the best option,(wrapping the shells with a plastic/urathane sticker wrap) JUST DO
NOT USE ANY KIND OF GLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This may possibly bond with factory finish and cause damage to the drumshell.Also take care of what chemicals
you may use to remove the plastic/urethane sticker if you need to recover the drum.I hope this helps.