HELP! What's all this?


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Hello fellas,

I haven't been around in ages. I doubt anyone will remember my name.

Anyway I'm back to see how everyone is and I have a question for you all. Couldn't think of a better place to ask this.

Basically check this video out first.

Then can you help me out by writing a list of things the drummer has. I would like to have a set up like that.

Thank you in advance you beautiful drummers


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Thanks everyone so far a part from Les Ismore. :p

@ DrumEatDrum I'm not too fussed about the drums, I'm more interested in rack/cymbal mounts for the side drum bit (blue toms and what the small side snare).

@ harryconway, thanks a bunch

@ Scoreking81 Have done, just waiting for a reply. :)