Help Wanted - Play In My Drum Rudiment Videos


Junior Member
Hi, Guys,

A bit of a weird request here. I am looking for a drummer who is competent and confident with all 40 drum rudiments. I need someone to film themselves playing each of the 40 drum rudiments - starting slow then gradually speeding up then back to slow again.

These videos will not be sold they are just needed to use as a demonstration on one of my sites. The videos will only need be short - say 30 seconds each and don't need to be Hollywood quality. As long as the picture is clear and audio is audible then we are cooking.

If this is something you think you could do then let me know. I will need to see a sample before we go ahead and do all 40. I am willing to pay the right drummer $100 to do these short videos for me. Remember, you must have good technique and style and be able to easily play these rudiments.

Anyone who is intersted just private message me.