Help Repair Late 70's Ludwig Hi-Hat Tension Stuck



I am the original owner of 1979 Ludwig 5 piece kit including all the original Ludwig hardware. Not bragging or complaining just is what it is. Ha. The kit has a Ludwig hi-hat stand which, I believe is an "Atlas" model with the flat bar legs not the tube shaped legs.
Here is a link to a picture of it from the internet. Hope that helps.

It has a white plastic (nylon looking) spring tension adjustment wheel just above the foot pedal link at the bottom of the hi-hat stand tube. The word "tighten" and an arrow on the face of the stand just above the pedal indicates the adjustment directions for the hi-hat pedal spring tension.

Right now I am unable to change the tension on my hi-hat. The adjustment wheel feels normal when I turn it either way and stops at both ends of the adjustment (several complete revolutions). However rotating the adjustment wheel does not change the pedal spring tension of the hi-hat any longer. The "tensioner" (I just made that word up I believe) appears to be stuck on a very high spring pedal tension. Bummer.

Any one have any experience with these hi-hat stands? Any suggestions on how to repair/fix it? If I do take it apart and replace some parts any idea what parts might be bad and where to get new parts to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Sincerely, Dan