Help Placing a Melody


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I have a Chinese/English song book. My wife was singing one of the songs, and the melody seems very familiar, but I can't seem to place it. Seems like I've heard it in a theme song or a rock song, maybe its just a common cliched motif. I found the translation "Stride A While" The vocal melody from the book starts at 40

The "Break My Stride" sounds, close to me but my wife says its completely unrelated.


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Common melody. I can't think of anything earlier than......

There's probably a Kinks or Zombies (or some noname band of that era) tune that uses it.


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I think Terry got it with "Call Me", but Kamak got me thinking Kinks....and "Sunny Afternoon" came to mind, slower but a similar progression I think.


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The beginning of the melody sort of reminds me of the verse of Blondie's "Call Me...

I think this the one. A singer I knew always wanted the band to play this one. It is a simple, step up and down the minor scale so, I'm not surprised it showed up other places, now that I think about it. Its weird seeing it so out of context though.