Help picking a cajon

Grace :)

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firstly sorry if this is in the wrong section I thought that it fit best here, but basically I'm asking for a cajon for christmas from my parents and grandparents. I've played drums for 8 years but I'm hopefully going to uni next year so I'm wanting to get into some other percussion that I would be able to take with me when I move into halls. And I've decided on the cajon.

Firstly, I'm quite short (5ft 3-4ish) does this mean I should go for a junior cajon or are they really just for kids...does the height even matter?

The cajons that my local store stocks within my budget are (I'd quite like to buy one from there, so I can try it first)
De Gregorio Kiyo 'Sweet Spot' Cajon CAJ06
LP 1433 Angled Cajon
LP Aspire Accents Cajon LPA 1332
LP Aspire Cajon
LP Aspire Junior Cajon
LP Cajon LP1432
Pearl Primero Cajon

(they're all listed over 3 pages here:

could anyone who owns/has tried any of the above give me any feedback or recommendations? I'm looking for overall sound and playability mainly.

Thanks for your help :)