Help needed with DW MDD Pedal. (Pic required)


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Slight curiosity with my MDD pedals. Can someone who also has some of these please take a pic of the main pedal where the bearing fits into the post on the side nearest the shaft. My bearing seems to sit proud by about 1mm. I have measured the distance between the posts at the bottom & at the top. The top i 1mm wider than at the base (bottom). Pic enclosed :)

Many thanks in advance, Kevin,

IMG_0145 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr


Did you buy the pedal new? If so, was it from the beginning? What do you see on the outside where the ball bearing is located? Maybe a distance ring?


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Worry over. Quick tap with a hammer & it popped back into place. I bought them second hand & noticed this when I received them. Probably done whilst in transit.

IMG_0147 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr