Help needed in finding sheet music for a song

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hi all

I need to find the sheet music (free or purchased) for the song "this I believe" by hillsong, all the normal websites don't seem to have it, everyone on you tube doing covers and tutorials seem to play it a different way, any help is appreciated


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There is a member here named Alex Sanguinetti. I was looking for sheet music before on this forum and he emailed me and I payed a fee for the transcription. You can always message him. He is fast to respond and a real professional.


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Not to come across as rude, but I just googled "This I Believe Hillsong Music" and there are a bunch of results for sheet music...

Is there something specific that you are looking for that these versions don't have?

I'm not familiar with the song, but some of these sheets are actual scores, not just lead sheets.


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