HELP! need your thoughts about this!


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I recently experienced some very wierd signs...
Three fingers, my Thumb, Index and Middle finger started to "sleep" for about an hour, and when it stopped, it started about 3 seconds later.
It's like the index finger is worst, and then it wears off to the thumb and middle. when i told my dad he joked and said it probably was an embolism or so.
This really scares me, i've never experienced such thing before. Ofc my hands feet and other stuff can start to act like the, when i do certain things, fx if there's a huge amount of pressure on the legs, so no blood will flow to them or if i raise my hands above my head for a minute... But never if i haven't done something at all.
the fingers where actually numb, but did hurt like shit. I couldn't feel anything with them, i could only feel the pain within them.

If you know ANYTHING, let me now. If you THINK you know anything, let me know too..!
Thanks in advance.

Btw im 15, in case that would matter.... certainly does.


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Get yourself to a doctor as soon as you can mate, anything medical is best left to the professionals and whatever you do don't google the symptoms...I find it only serves to worry people.

Hope you get this sorted out, seriously get it checked by a medical professional!

Positive vibes,