help! need to make decision quick


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Wasn't it a quick and uninformed decision that lead you to buy the wrong cymbals only a day or so ago? You narrowed down your cymbal selections to a couple you had never heard before too, no?

Go and try them mate. Spend some time listening to what you like and make a rational decision. Don't just jump on a kit because your mum is at GC right this minute. That's just silly. Don't make the same mistake twice!
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A moment of impulse leads to a month of regret. Never buy anything worth over one dollar on impulse. Research, test, spend some time with it before you buy, to make sure you'll want to AFTER you buy.


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unfortunately guitar center doesn't have either of these kits in store so i need your help!
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Dude I picked up a 1600.00 kit for 650.00 because I was patient and looked. I was trying to decide between 2 kits. did my research, listened to them, and in the meanwhile the kit I have now showed up on Craigslist. Both of those kits are entry level and you will be tired of them or wanting to replace the cheap hardware in a years time. You will find them hard to tune and be bitterly disappointed. I know you have a gift card and it's burning a hole in your pocket but as the others have said, you are making a big mistake.


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Then if you're absolutely not prepared to put even a seconds thought into this, get the Tama. If you bothered to search up either of these kits here you would have found that PDP don't have the best of reputations.

But as you've shown a habit of not listening to a solitary peice of advice you've been offered across several threads now, I'd better just say, enjoy your new PDP.


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Ok when you said The PDP cause it looks cooler....Its has to SOUND COOLER.Ok you've already gone through one entry level kit and now you want to make a lateral purchase?You're spinning your wheels here.I mean they aren't bad drums,the Imperialstars actually sound ok...but you need to know how to tune properly with out that drum dial nonsence.

Your gift card is good at any guitar center.Keep looking and buy used if you can.You can get pro or close to pro level quality drums used for almost the same as you want to spend on drums you may hate in a year.

Take your time..slow down.You have a kit now right?So unless you're on tour and go on stage in an hour...there is no emergency.And don't say yeah I know....because to know and not yet not to know.

Some of the drummers here have been playing before you were born.Between myself and just a couple of guys who posted here to give you advice you couldn't even pay for, is based on years of making mistakes we have all made not listening to those who know better.

Take our advice...slow what you have...keep looking...and get something that will sound great to your ears for years to come. you think we have a budding Joey here?

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Haste makes waste.
Try before you buy.
Those kits that you are considering are stock items in many music stores in the USA.
I would get a Mapex Meridian instead of those kits.


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so imperialstar>mainstage? and you [****s] my name is not joey
Best not to insult the very people who you are asking for help. Also, cursing isn't allowed on this forum. Better re-read those forum rules you read when you signed up for a DW account.

When you ask for advice or opinions, they are what they are--other people's advice and opinions. The final decision is your call, but there is much wisdom and experience on this forum. If there is an overwhelming consensus in one direction, there's a reason for that. As for me, I have no opinion on the matter. I'd recommend getting a Sonor Safari if you're looking for cheap, or better yet, something of higher-quality but used.

Good luck with your decision, and let us know what you decide. Starting a new thread with pics of your new kit is pretty standard operating procedure around here...


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so imperialstar>mainstage? and you fucks my name is not joey
Neither know nor care. But I'd back a Tama made kit over a PDP made kit any day of the week. Seriously, do some reading here on DW. PDP just don't have the greatest of reputations (whether it's mainstage, backstage, sidestage or any other part of the entertainment arena). Tama do, they've been at it a long while.

Alright, you may not be Joey, but I swear the two of you must have been separated at birth.


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Alright, you may not be Joey, but I swear the two of you must have been separated at birth.
they are at least cousins....

bmeat, we're just pokin fun....but, for goodness sakes, get the is the better of the two...and lets get to playing instead of talkin in circles.


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OK, First off, There is never a need to make a "Quick Decision" when It comes to buying new gear.
The drums will be available tomorrow.

Second of all, You are looking at entry level kits.
The moment that you leave the store the kit is worth less than half of what you pay for it new.
The kits that you are looking at can be found used in abundance for a few hundred dollars.
I buy entry level kits used to leave at practice places because I can replace them if something happens to them with just a click of a button.
Most of the entry level kits that are sold used were hardly played at all.

I just re-read your threads.
My God! You didn't listen to one thing that anyone said to you.

You can buy a used $1500 dollar kit at GC for about the amount of the store credit that you have.
GC has a large selection of used gear that they will ship to the store near you for free.

You can buy a used pro cymbal that cost $300 new for about $150 used on eBay.
I have some pro cymbals in my collection that I bought used almost 30 years ago.
I still like them and I play them often. A quality cymbal never goes out of style.
Talk about getting your money worth!

I also buy quality snare drums used for about half the price of new.

You came here to learn.
I suggest that you Listen and learn.
Throwing away $900 on something that you can buy for $300 is stupid when you know better.