[HELP] Need advice on cymbals


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Hi there,

First of all I apologize for the possible mistakes I would do writing the message, but I'm a french guy... so you may understand, even if I practice a bit.

Anyway. I'm a drummer (obvious ?) and I have had Sabian B8 cymbals for 2 years now. My birthday is coming up and I have the opportunity to get the Avedis Zildjian pack. (this one : http://www.baguetterie-marseille.com/img_retaille.php?url=img/produit/1/209.jpg&x_max=261&y_max=261 ) .
So my question is as simple as that : is it worth the price to get these ones and do they sound very better than my current ones ? Because my parents are saying the problem comes from the room I play in and I need your opinion to be sure they're absolutely wrong, because I'm only 99% sure right now.

Thanks in advance,


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They are surely better !
but why hurry
try other companies too ?
u may get a better deal
or to be on the safe side,the best way is to
try out cymbals at your local music shop
and then decide.


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Alright, thank you for these replies. (and thanks groove1 ^^)
I will wait for a total of a dozen messages to get certain up to 100%, cause right now I'm still only 99.5. :D


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Hi Kenny.

I am English but I live in France. I use La Baguetterie in Toulouse for all my drumming stuff.

If the shop in Marsille is half as good you should have no problem. The guys in Toulouse let you try anything.

You really must try cymbals out before buying as the hand lathed and hammered ones, like all the top brands, will sound different from cymbal to cymbal.

These sets cost a lot of money so be sure you get what you want by spending as much time in the shop trying them out. Also, get one of the shop guys to play the ones you like so you can stand in front and check the sound the audience will hear.

Good luck mon amie


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Thank you.
Just to say it's "mon ami" as I'm a male person, though you should use "amie" for the female gender. ^^ but I'm soon on vacation in the south of France and I will try to get to the shop in Marseille (I actually live in the very north).