HELP! need a Job in the theater!


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I'am writing to ask if anyone can tell me how to get into contact with someone who can get me like session job with stage productions!

I have always loved watching the drummer in show e.g chitty bang bang and panto's, and I have always wanted to get a job there but how do I do it?

I'am a grade 8 merit and 18 years old and its my dream job to do this but how!!
Can anyone help?

Thanks for reading.



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As a bunch of my cohorts here will tell you, getting almost ANY job in the music business requires networking and making sure people know who you are and what it is you do. Also: work gets you work.

I had been playing at a church in central California where many local musicians and theater goers also went to church, including the director of a local theater company. Getting to know him and the musicians in my church got me gigs in three musicals and two other short-notice gigs around town.

Playing a musical at any level can be high-stress, depending on the musical director (MD). One of the musicals I played in was an original work, and the MD was also the composer. He was well known in the community for being uncompromising and demanding with his work. So I worked my butt off to make sure I made the grade. I got CDs of his song sketches, got the score, and went through it over and over and over to prepare for the three (!) rehearsals we would have before opening night. I knew that given the short amount of time before opening night, if I wasn't making the grade, I'd probably still do the job, get paid, and then never work in that town again. Did I mention I had a full time job already? I might have also been going to college at nights, I can't recall.

In any case, I must have made the grade, because not only has he kept in touch with me in the years since, he has been a reference. He also comped me tickets to his next musical, where you may be sure I was networking! I ended up getting another gig from his referral.

For playing musicals, you must be able to read music. You won't survive if you can't. No MD is going to transcribe your part into tab for you. You have to be able to read WHILE PLAYING. The score is going to change every night, and you won't be able to read it once and memorize.

You have to be a master of dynamics. Usually the MD wants you really darn soft, lest you overpower the rest of the pit instruments. You have to master styles that are common in musicals. And you have to have great eyes and ears for what the MD is doing, what the actors are doing, and even what the audience is doing.

If you have all that, find out where the theater people are and go network with them. Bring a couple dozen business cards with current info. You may want to have references, an audio CD, or a link to a (professional-looking) website on the card. And don't be afraid of "no", it's part of business!

Good luck.


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There is another forum member by the name of "mrchattr" that works with theatre productions. His website can be found here. You may want to check it out or maybe PM him.