Help name this drummer with Joey Defranceso?


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Does anyone know who the drummer is on Relentless with Joey D and Danny Gatton. Whoever it is covers so many bases. Just great. Trad jazz, blues, modern playing, New Orleans, guy makes it all authentic.


I wouldn't be surprised if he drummer on relentless is byron landham. he's really cool, plays on a lot of joey d stuff. but i'm not sure.


Timm Biery is the drummer on Relentless, Carmen Intorre Jr, is my drum teacher, he has a new cd out through he is also on Pat Bianchi's cd Back Home, John Basile's cd No Appologies, and 2 of Dominack Farrinaci's cds Adoro, and Dawn of Goodbye, he is currently touring with Pat Martino and Pat Binachi