Help me with this cymbal?


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Hi guys. It's been a LONG time since I've been on here! Can anyone tell me anything about this cymbal, I have NO idea how to read the stampings. It's a 20" Zildjian K custom dry light ride and it sounds great! I don't really play much any more and I'm thinking about selling it.

Any help and advice would be GREATLY appreciated!


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If your question is, "Is it worth a lot of money?" ... it's probably not much more than 10 years old at most. Up until about 15 years ago there was no K Cusatom line, just one K cymbal called the Custom. This ride came out sometime in the late 90's and so while you have a very decent ride, it's only worth about $350 new, and minus that for used in good condition - probably $200-$250 in that condition. Clean it and you might wangle some more cash off the sale.

If your question is "What is this ride?"... I just mostly explained it too.


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Thank you. I already know what it's worth. I paid $220 for it about a year and a half ago. I was gonna list it with a $230 reserve. I'm just curious what the stamping means so I know what to list when I put it up on Ebay. Thanks for your help!