Help me with a project: Evolution of the drumset


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Hi fellow drummers!

I have a schoolproject now, and I am writing about the evolution of the drumset, and how drums have influented and/or changed in different musicgenres such as jazz, rock, pop and world music.
I am thinking to write about the evolution of the drumset from the 20's up to this day, and then later the actual drumming. Certain drummers who have changed a lot, and analyze their grooves and everything.

I hope you could feed me with some tips, drummers, songs etc. Some good links would be great as well. Where can I find the history of the drumset?

I am sorry if this was a hard read, my english really isnt the best.
Kind regards, Audun.

NB: Yes, I already know of this page, and I am using it!


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Check out the Steve Smith DVD, History Of The US Beat.

It's all on there.

Oh, plus he's a brilliant drummer....

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Jon Cohan wrote a book called "Star Sets" that detials the setups of some of the most influential drummers in history, from the 20's up until about 10 years ago (the book was written in 1994). I highly recommend it.


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See what you can find out about Dave Clark of the Dave Clark Five. I understand he was the first drummer to use two rack toms in the early '60s instead of one. He played a 12 and 13, but had them reversed...13 on the left, 12 on the right.

Krupa is reported to have convinced slingerland to put lugs on rack toms in the 30s, before that rack mounted drums were Chinese toms with the heads tacked on (Tony Oxley still plays one)

Check out "great american drums and the companies that made them" by Harry Cangany