Help me identify this beat.. (which song/artist)


I guess it might apply to more than one song, but I remember reading about one particular song in one of the mags.. could have been a variation on this too, ie where the snare start in a different place but keeps similar groupings..

but any song that uses this type of beat would be good to know about..


x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x -

Hi-hat plays 8ths
sd1 - 1+
sd2 - 2e (2nd 16th)
sd3 - 3
sd4 - 3ah (4th 16th)
sd5 - 4+
BD - 1


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Kind of a bossa nova, but at double speed. Might be Elvis's Bossa Nova Baby.

Also reminds me of the riff from Ballroom Blitz.


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Ditto, looks sort of like a bossa...

Could be something like "Light my Fire" by the Doors, which was almost a bossa in the A section.

Or it could be any number of Burt Bacharach style pop songs, that all used that beat.