Help me identify please


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Remo acousticon piccolo snare.

Acousticon Shell - The Remo Acousticon Shell is like no other: It's lightweight, moisture-proof and highly durable - yet unusually vibrant and alive with distinctive timbre acclaimed by many leading studio and concert performers. Each drumshell is a lamination of wood fibrous material, bonded together with a hard silica resin and then treated with other resins to enhance the sound quality and projection. Through extensive experimentation and testing - in collaboration with Louie Bellson, Remo's VP-Product Development - today's Acousticon shells represent state-of-the-art technology . . with a great sound difference!

From the 1987 Remo Catalog.
Unless I'm mistaken, this should be a Mastertouch with an early 90s badge. The shell thickness might give you another hint because the later ones were thicker and very heavy. If the shell doesn't have any problems, it should be a good drum. Does it have 8 lugs. This one is similar, but it has 10 lugs: