Help me ID this double pedal


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Hi there,

First post here so hello from a noob
Ok, yesterday I bought a second hand double(it'll be for a kit im putting together)
I need your help in identifying what it is (im not knowledgeable about all the different makes and models that are out there).

It doesn't have any name on it so i've attached some pictures for you guys to look at.

Ive noticed that the slave beater isn't exactly in line with the main beater, can someone advise if its possible to alter this
Also the beaters swing like an old dears saggy tits so I need advice on how to tighten (or loosen) them to minimize the movement ( I don't want them to be totally immobile as thats just as bad).
I appreciate that these may not be world beaters (sorry bad pun) but i got em cheap.
Anyway if you can ID them then i can hunt for a manual
Thanks guysKick 2.JPGKick 3.JPGKick 4.JPGKick 5.JPGKick 6.JPGKick 7.JPG
you can see from some of the side on pics that the beaters are slightly out of line


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I would not worry about trying to figure out what brand it is thats not really important. its double chain looks to be pretty well made all that matters is if it works for you, I labeled the adjustments on it for you but would not get to involved until you get a drum to put it on.

I have seen this pedal on a website before. It's a no-name brand. The brand name was listed on the website, but the company had no web site. The pedal I saw was a single, but it had the same exact design, beaters, and all that mess.


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This pedal looks to have the same functionality and general design as a DW3000/7000, so my primary concern would be with connector quality and stripping screws, hinges wearing out, etc. But if it works well, I say go with it.