Help me decide!


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Hello hope y'all are doing good. I'm looking at getting a better kit, as a lot of us here are.
I've been looking all over & here is what I'd like your opinions on, Which would you get?
All will be 6pc 2 up 2 down

Crush Acrylic

Tama Superstar Hyper drive

Gretsch Renown 57 in RED

Pearl Vision VBL

Yamaha Stage custom

Mapex Meridian birch

I really like the sound of birch drums but I also want something that not every drummer has. I like being unique
Thanks in advance for your input here.


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Unique is the crush or the renowns. My money would be on the Tama or the Mapex if I had to buy new. Personally I'd be looking at some used Mapex Saturns or a Tama Starclassic to fall within budget....


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If money is not an issue with your candidates, I'd certainly go Renown in a heart beat. The red/white combo is my favorite of the 3 they've issue in the 57 series so far. I'm partial to maple. They are solidly built. For $350 or so less the Stage Customs can't be beat at that price. Both of these are the best buy for your money.


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Yamaha Stage Customs or Tama Superstars.

The Renown '57 look cool but I couldn't see myself ever playing them with a straight face. Maybe if I was playing some The Belmonts covers or Chuck Berry at the local Doo-wop Diner.


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I've got Stage Customs now, but if I were getting another kit, the "Gretsch Renown 57 in RED" would be hard to resist.