Help locating a drum company name


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I'm a little embarrassed to have to ask here, but I'm going batty trying to recall the name of a drum company that I saw either here or on the My Drumset group on Facebook (probably the latter). Seems like it was an import (to the US) kit, maybe British but not sure about that, maybe a budget line, started with B, short word (5-6 letters), and was NOT Brady (I'm familiar with them, and they're Austrailian). I tried browsing the group page and doing various searches, to no avail. :unsure:


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Did a quick Google image search; no, I don't think it's that entry-level, from the context of (what I recall of) the post I read, but I could be wrong. Also, I don't think the word was that long. Seems like it was short like Brady, but again, I know that company.


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The fact that you thought it might with a "b" allowed me to do a search. I'm not too familiar with their drums, but I have seen them in one of my local shops.


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Good drums, assembled in Asia but USA based and they use American Maple.

Played a couple of sets and Barton are lovely drums. The below set sounded unreal.

I really like them.