Help, is this a good deal?


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Five piece Tama Rockstar Pro drum set with an extra tom and extra snare: 22x16 bass drum, 16x16 floor tom, 13x11 rack tom, 12x10 rack tom, 10x9 1/2 rack tom and 14x6 Tama snare with a custom built 14x4 snare. Cymbals are a 20 Zildjian Scimitar ride, 18 Zildjian Scimitar Bronze crash, 16 Zildjian Bronze crash, 14 Scimitar Zildjian Hi Hat. All cymbal stands are included. Add a snare stand, kick pedal and drum throne (and some sticks) and you're ready to go! These drums have travelled both coasts and included a couple gigs at the legendary CBGBs.


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Sounds like a fantastic deal.

But be warned this is an entry level kit and entry level cymbals, so be warned, they will probably not sound very good, like all entry level stuff. However if you're just starting out or just need a practice kit, yes, this is a great deal.

I'd also be interested to find out what the custom snare is made out of. It looks like wood. Depending on how skilled whoever made it is, it could be worth $200 alone.


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The kit is pretty much a lower intermediate kit and the cymbals are low end.

That said, you cant get much for $200 so I would say a complete kit like that is definately worth the money.

Grab it if you want it. Put new heads on it, top and bottom, and you will probably get pretty decent tone.

Edit: Is it missing a reso head and hoop on the bass drum?. Not a deal breaker but pretty important. Cant really tell in the pic.


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Yep, looks pretty good for $200 dollars. Check it close up, to see it looks like it has all the parts, and how much it has been looked after, just to make sure.