Help installing new snare wires on P-83


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Not sure if its my inexperience installing new wires, the complexities of the P-83 throw-off, the generic snare wire that comes with the puresounds, or perhaps a combination of all of the above, but I am having a hell of a time installing my new puresounds onto my vintage Acrolite and keeping the snares against the snare head.

It seems as soon as I am ready to install the wires against the strainer, my wires are already slightly raised. It looks like the puresound custom series have edges that lend the snares to already be slightly raised. Anyone else have this problem or has experience getting through this?

I have read through umpteen threads on drummerworld (including this one which seemed sensible: but nothing is helping.

Thanks so much!


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Any pics mate? I've never used Puresound wires, but I have used a P-83 regularly over the years and haven't encountered that kind of issue with it. However, visualising the problem might help in being able to offer a suggestion.


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The Puresound wires come with cloth strips and metal clips to attach them to the strainer and butt plate. Ditch them and go with good old fashioned snare cord.
Thats what I do.


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Puresound's are over. I've got some on my Supra and tried installed them under and had the exact same problem as the OP had. No contact. Switched to over and BAM! Works like a charm.

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I've seen a link somewhere on here to some drum tech who insists that with Puresound and other snares made the same way that the ONLY way they will sound right is to run the cord under.

I still can't wrap my head around how he came to that conclusion. Even with widely different types of snare beds, that method doesn't seem to make sense to me.

Run the cord through the hole and then OVER to the other hole is my 2 cents.


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People can insist one way or another. Just ignore everyone and use your eyes. If it's backwards, the metal lip rocks the snare wires away from the head once tension is applied, and it is obvious that it isn't going to work.


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Another thing to look into is weather or not the snare wires you are installing are with or without pitch. Puresound makes both styles and explains them on their website.