Help in identifying a drum part/connection please.

Steve How

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I have this drum practice pad. It was made probably in the 1980's. Anyway, I really like it because it's so well made. (Well almost well made)

As you can see the "goose neck" (I'm calling it that) has snapped off. This is made from a diecast type of alloy.

I'm not a drummer and am unfamiliar with the different parts and connections available.

Can anyone ID this part and possible point to a source.

Steve H.

P.S There is hopefully 2 images attached. One where I rested the broken part together, the other showing the break.



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The part that broke is called a tilter. If you know the brand of stand, you can probably buy a replacement. If you can unscrew the threaded post from the pad, any straight cymbal stand that uses the same sized threads will work. There is also the option of a practice pad stand that uses a basket.

Just so you are aware, drum gear isn't cheap. You will probably end up paying more than you expected to.

Take the pad to a music store, they can help you. Take the tilter too. They might have a replacement.

Ghostin one

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Most practice pads have a threaded hole in the base to fit cymbal stands.

If the the threaded post on the bottom of that pad can be taken out, you could mount it on any stand with the same thread. They're usually 1/4" 20 tpi, or 6mm.