Help IDing these sticks?


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I got these with a kit I bought from a friend’s dad. Sticks have to be decades old. They have a coating on them - finish - that is perhaps a satin.

They are 5B and have these two black rings on them. It’s a long shot but figured someone might recognize them. And the wood grain. I’m new to drumming so not familiar with types of wood used for sticks.


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Based upon the rings in the 1st pic, my guess is that they are ProMark sticks. Unfortunately, I can't tell for sure whether they are oak or hickory. My guess is they are hickory because the arching in the grain I see doesn't look like oak...but I could be wrong


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I think those are pro mark 5b oak. You can see the "birds eyeing" (1st pic left side ) that oak stick have, which I've never noticed in hickory wood grain.

The OP also mentioned a finish on the sticks and the oak sticks feel very smooth like they've been lacquered.

If you go to a music store you will be able to figure out if they're oak or hickory by trying out new sticks made of those woods because they feel very different.
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Pro Mark oak sticks for sure. And old too. The black rings started way down by the butt end like those and have been steadily heading north for the last 15-20 years.
Yes, exactly. I assume they’re at least 15 years old. And they’re definetely Pro Mark Oak.